Tree Trimming Cost & Price Guide

Tree trimming is one of the major aspects of tree care, not only from the safety angle but also from that of tree architecture development.

However, trimming of trees and shrubs is not a DIY task and requires the expertise of professionals in the field to carry it out to one’s satisfaction.


Arborists, often called tree surgeons because of their ability to take care of trees and plants in a scientific manner, are trained in this work.

They have great artistic vision and can trim the form of a tree so that it will be in sync with the rest of the greenery of the landscape.

However, whatever may be the need, tree surgeons never trim away more than 30% of the living part of a tree at a time since it is through these limbs that it draws its sustenance.

The two main reasons for tree trimming are safety and garden makeover



This is very important and needs to be handled carefully more so in public places.

Trees often grow beyond their estimated height and the top touches overhead wires. Again low hanging limbs block pedestrian pathways below.

In both cases, trimming of the crown and the lower limbs solves the problem. Trees are also sometimes affected by diseases, fungus and lightning strikes in severe storms.

In all such cases, the limbs die, and the tree becomes structurally weak. Pruning and trimming the affected parts rejuvenates the tree, and there may rise a need to cut it down.

Tree surgeons are often called in to conduct a safety audit of trees and take necessary action to prevent danger from falling limbs.

Enhancing structural beauty


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Tree trimming of live limbs is undertaken when a large and dense crown cuts off sunlight and air circulation to the lower portions of a tree as well as the surrounding plants and shrubs.

Crown lifting, crown thinning and crown reduction are some of the methods carried out for this task.

Pruning of young trees periodically gives them the desired shape, form and branch architecture, one that will blend in with the setting of the rest of the garden or landscape.

This will also eliminate the need for costly tree maintenance when they are fully grown.

Hence it is seen that selective tree trimming goes a long way in preserving and improving tree life and health as well as enhancing and improving their structural integrity.

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