10 Secrets To Cleaning Your Home In Half The Time….

Cleaning the home can require a variety of cleaning supplies. As every home has its unique characteristics, cleaning needs are different. A basic list of cleaning provisions will help speed up the cleaning process.

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Dusting is vital, but its regularity is based on the family lifestyle, the house furnishings, plus any health issues. The devices for dusting vary but recommended supplies are furniture polish and dusting spray, microfiber cloths and a dusting attachment for the vacuum cleaner.


Homeowners can take several steps to cut down on dust. These include changing furnace filters, using entrance mats, closing windows, placing slipcovers on furniture, brushing pets, not over using furnish polish, and restoring scratched wood furniture.

When dusting, start at the top and work to the bottom to avoid dusting surfaces again. It is better to dry dust first, and then wet dust if necessary. Prevent excess water on wood surfaces to prevent warping and staining.

Home Surfaces

All home surfaces have to be cleaned. A high-quality general cleaner will handle the dribble and sticky messes. In addition to an all-purpose cleaner, other recommended cleaning items include kitchen and bathroom wipes, cleaning cloths, sponges, paper towels, scrubbers and gloves.

Special surfaces need particular cleaning products. These might include dish soap, oven cleaner, dish detergent, wood polish, and leather cleaner and wood polish. To do laundry, include laundry soap, additives, stain remover and fabric softener. Other cleaners consist of toilet bowl cleaner, soft scrub, glass cleaners, air freshener and silver and metal polish.



The floors of home absorb most of the dirt. The cleaning materials for floors vary. Basic requirements are a broom, dustpan, vacuum cleaner, mop with mopping solution and bucket, and floor polish.

The floor needs to be mopped depending on location and need. Kitchen area requires frequent mopping because of spills. Regardless of the timing, noticeable dirt should be wiped up.

After the home is cleaned, the items of the house should be sorted out and placed in storage. The basic storage plan includes storage containers that are clear, made of plastic and able to be stacked. The contents of the containers should be labeled and noted in a filing system.



All homes produce trash. The products to handle trash are trash cans and liners, baking soda and recycling bins, which are labeled for sorting items.

The frequency and depth for cleaning a home varies according to use and number of people who live in the home.

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