How To Clean Your Home In Less Than An Hour

The art of cleaning a home quickly is only often mastered by a true professional.

In writing this article I enlisted the advice of a professional cleaning company for tips on how they manage to clean a home from top to bottom in one hour.


Below you will find a minute by minute guide, a blue print if you like on how cleaners Fulham clean their clients homes, which has meant happy customers and a very successful business.

First 10 minutes

Start with your duster (a long handle static removing type of duster is great for getting behind pictures etc.) and go around the entire house as this will remove all dust to the floor to be vacuumed up later.

Next 25 minutes

Do the wet areas, bathrooms, and kitchen,

Spray and wipe shower tiles and baths, rinse, scrub the toilet and wipe around the outside of the toilet, remove items from the benches into cabinets and wipe over bench tops. Leave the floors until the end.


Always finish with the sink so that you can use it until the last minute


Lightly soak a cloth with olive oil and place it over wood stains. Leave it overnight and in the morning rings from glasses etc. will wipe right off.


Prevent Soap scum, by spraying a thin coat of canola oil or baby oil on shower walls. Reapply once a month

Next 15 minutes

Vacuum the entire house including the hard floors.

Last 10 minutes

Mop the hard floors to finish


Microwave a cup of water on high for 1 minute. The steam will soften whatever is on the walls, and it will wipe right off.

You are finished, Congratulations, relax and enjoy.

Extra tips:

Spray and wipe are quick and easy on shower tiled areas and cuts through soap scum well.

Save all floors for last, then vacuum hard and soft floors and mop to finish.

Use one of those dry glass/chrome clothes to finish your taps and mirrors and glass with a streak free shine.

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