Home Fire Prevention & Safety Guide

Fire safety is one of those things that few people think about until it is too late, the reason being that many people adopt an “it won’t happen to me” mentality, and sincerely believe that it won’t. But where a house fire is concerned the last thing that you want to do is to take risks, since the consequences can be disastrous.

The good news is that you do not need to spend much money to keep yourself safe in the event of a fire and by buying some simple equipment you can give yourself a lot of peace of mind. So, what are the most useful types of equipment necessary for home fire prevention and safety?


1. Buying a fire extinguisher

One of the first things on the list for most people is the fire extinguisher. These are now widely available in many different models, and which should be chosen according to the type of fire you are likely to encounter. A fire extinguisher for the kitchen is an essential since it is here that many fires break out, especially when cooking is being carried out. A fire extinguisher is not an expensive purchase, and there are many places where information can be found as to how to choose the right type.

2. Installing a fire alarm, smoke detectors & fire sprinklers

The other important thing is, of course, a fire alarm, allied with a smoke detector. This can be essential in warning you and your family as soon as a fire breaks out, and this is especially important during the night. Allied to a good fire alarm is a set of emergency lights, which should be activated when the fire breaks out and which will enable you to see, even in a smoke-filled environment.

You should also install a carbon monoxide detector, which can detect the deadly gas produced by fires and hidden electrical burning and, more commonly, gas leaks from boilers and equipment.

Recent figures show domestic sprinkler systems save 30% more lives than detectors or any other kind of fire safety equipment.

3. Buying a fire safety ladder

Finally, thought should be given to buying a decent fire safety ladder which will enable you to exit the building even if the fire blocks the normal exit. With these three basics of fire safety installed in your home, you should have a good chance of dealing with any fire outbreak properly.

Keep Flammable Materials And Products Secure

Keeping dangerous or flammable materials secure is extremely important, especially when children are around. Matches and lighters should be completely out of the reach of children, and flammable liquids or materials should not be near open flames or places where heat could cause them to catch fire.

Also, never leave appliances on while you are out of the house, such as cookers, stove or space heaters, as these could potentially create a fire.

As long as you remain aware of the potential dangers, you will help prevent fires from occurring and keep people safe.

Fire prevention is perhaps even more important than firefighting, especially within the home setting. If you can prevent serious fires from happening in the first place by having adequate detection devices and remaining vigilant, then your home or workplace will continue to be safe for all those who occupy it.

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