Garden Coaching

Garden Coaching With Jennifer 

A personalized, hands-on service with a DIY approach for every level of gardener, garden coaching with Jennifer Dubberley offers a new perspective to cultivate your garden plan. Jennifer provides a fresh look and expert advice on creating the garden of your dreams. From tweaking your current garden to planting and starting new garden projects, Jennifer can provide expert recommendations.

Jennifer includes a number of support options for her garden coaching plan, including:

Design/Project Planning 

1. Design and project planning

2. Style and design optimization

3. Vegetable and herb garden planning

4. Outdoor living spaces

5. Planning walkways and paths

6. North Texas native plants as part of your garden setting

7. Plant identification

8. Arrangement of pots, planters, and garden containers


In addition, Jennifer provides creative, affordable solutions for common garden problems, such as plant health management, organic weed control, draining and erosion problems, irrigation issues, and soil testing.


Jennifer is an expert in maintenance, such as tree care, seasonal to do lists, training in proper pruning and plat care techniques. She’ll provide helpful custom plant fact sheets to show you how best to care for your garden.


Her garden coaching plans are eco-friendly, providing sustainable, environmentally-friendly garden practices. These include water conservation, organic gardening, wildlife habitats, and rainwater harvesting, among others.

Budget-Friendly Gardening 

Jennifer’s coaching plan provides budget-friendly gardening, including how best to stage your yard for parties or yard sales, as well as community garden best practices. She’ll show you the best techniques for lawn reduction, plant shopping, and new homeowner landscape evaluations.

Customer Testimonial 

“I have learned so much from Jennifer. She knows exactly what plants will grow in which environment, which saves a ton of time, money, and heartache. I wish I could start fresh with a clean slate and have her help me from the beginning!!!” 

–Connie Ball, Southampton

Setting Up Your First Session

To schedule your garden coaching session, contact Jennifer to schedule an appointment, or if you have questions about coaching or working with her.


Pricing for garden coaching is £60 per hour, and the initial garden coaching consultation is a 2-hour session.

Add on a Design Plan 

You may also add a design plan to your garden coaching sessions. While horticultural consulting and landscape design is a formal process, garden coaching is organic. It does not include design plans. But if you would like to include custom design plans in your coaching sessions, contact Jennifer to request a quote.